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As of late August 2020, we organized our efforts and workflow in multiple phases:

Emergency works (September 2020 – January 2021), in partnership and with the support of ALIPH: Sheltering and waterproofing, roofs reconstruction, structural propping and consolidation;

Partial and complete renovation of buildings (including the reconstruction of façades with three arches and marble balconies, etc.);

Assistance to the BBHR20 (crisis unit of the DGA) and to the UNHCR for the renovation of heritage units with minor damage;

Collaboration with Arcenciel, IECD and the British Council on field workshops to train contractors in woodwork, plastering and frameworks respecting traditional techniques.

– Setting a framework for the urban revitalization based on the rehabilitation of clusters in a comprehensive approach with a positive impact on the social, cultural and economic levels. 

– Raising awareness on the Beiruti built heritage and its restoration, through pioneering publications and specialized online presentations with the support of Fondation de France and in collaboration with heritage experts;


After the blast, and following the emergency works, Beirut Heritage Initiative engaged in 2 strategies for renovation of Heritage Buildings:

  • Partner up with Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). The scheme would be as follows: The CCI would fund the renovation of a Heritage Building, and in exchange will use a floor or the whole building as their offices, exhibition space, or similar.
  • The Cluster Strategy: The cluster strategy consists on forming partnerships with one or multiple NGOs to revive a group of heritage buildings rather than a building on its own, and bring back life to a neighbourhood. BHI has been collaborating with multiple actors working on the ground to spread this strategy that aims to respond to this urgent need to preserve and protect heritage clusters. Carrying the memories of generations and a unique historical identity, these clusters represent Beirut’s rich cultural background.