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Yara Amache is a filmmaker who graduated with a B.A in TV/Film from the Lebanese American University of Beirut in 2021. She attended the “Prague Film School Intensive Program” in 2016. She’s worked as a freelance editor since 2015 on short films and music videos such as “Gizzmo-Not a Flux”. She produced two student short films “Muddy Waters,directed by Chadi Kanj”and “Earthbound, directed by Roger Azar”, then produced and directed her short “Nafs”. She is also an assistant director and actress who’s been in several plays “Inkishat by Line Itani”, “Tenfeeseh by Awad Awad.” Yara is currently working as a videographer and editor at Beirut Heritage Initiative in addition to being part of a theatre lab, working on advancing in her acting career.
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