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Specialized videos and presentations

In addition to fieldwork, BHI is taking a lead in setting contemporary standards of restoration that are attainable and quality-assured, soon to be published in a forthcoming primer.

The project with the Fondation de France has 3 components:

Publication of two technical manuals, on heritage buildings built between 1860-1925 and 1925-1970

  1. Specialized presentations
  2. Site visits and assessments

The manuals, trainings and expertise are necessary for the renovation of the affected heritage houses, awaiting for funding for proper intervention.

Our project benefits a large number of people and different target groups. From the inhabitants of these houses which need to be restored, to the engineers, architects, associations, trades, craftsmen who participate in this reconstruction.

All of our actions are therefore beneficial to multiple sectors. With the proper know-how, each house or business restored will induces a revitalization of the city, the social life, and the economic activity.

By restoring the buildings, we encourage the inhabitants to return to their homes and thereby resume their main activities. Our policy is directed not towards aid for the restoration of a building, but of a group of buildings, within clusters, in order to encourage residents to establish themselves in their neighborhoods.

The knowledge contained in the manuals, the practices and solutions it proposes are already applied either during the various interventions that we carry out ourselves, or during the interventions of our partners and other actors who work in the affected neighborhoods.