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Rmeil 722, is a heritage building located at the juncture between Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael. Built between 1860 -1900, it is composed of a commercial ground floor and two residential floors. Severe damages have been inflicted upon this building as it lies along the direct axes of the port explosion.

In October 2020, BHI sheltered the building under a grant from ALIPH to secure it from further damage during the winter storms. In April 2021, with the help of multiple donors, BHI was able to secure the fund needed for the building’s full restoration. Consequently, BHI will be contributing to the safeguarding of the neighborhood’s heritage cluster.

Restoration works will follow the guidelines of a thorough study conducted by Architect/Restorer Pierre Ghanem from BBHR which was commissioned by the DGA and funded by the DAI.  So far, 55% of the works have been completed on site and the expected end date of the works is September 2021. In addition, a grant has been also allocated to the refurbishment of the Gholam Public Stairs by the French ministries of Culture and Ecological Transition. 

Rmeil 722 is part of the Gholam Cluster rehabilitation project, in partnership with Together Li Beirut.


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