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BHI has been working on emergency works right after the blast, in order to secure and protect endangered buildings. Thanks to a grant obtained by ALIPH, BHI was able to shelter and recover the roofs of multiple structures. BHI has also been working on enveloppe rehabilitation, such as three arches reconstruction.

With the emergency period finally over, BHI will start working on the rehabilitation of entire heritage homes, and clusters.

Envelope recovery

Roof recovery

Roof sheltering

A unifying spirit is at the core of the initiative’s values. BHI’s vision is to channel energies and foster multilateral partnerships to maximize the impact of accomplishments with scarce resources.

Positioned at the heart of the short, medium and long term objectives of the rehabilitation process, the schemes range in a variety of scales. As of late August 2020, BHI organized its efforts and workflow in 3 phases: emergency propping and sheltering of houses, partial repairs and full restorations, and a vision for urban regeneration. 

Works in progress include a development framework (bringing experts together and serving as the basis for any subsequent master planning by the public sector), roundtables and consultative meetings (gathering international experts and local academics), publishing restoration manuals (setting a leading role in contemporary standards), and identifying priority clusters (concentrating repairs and restoration works).