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All Team

Houda Kassatly

Main Coordinator

Houda is an ethnologist, photographer, & researcher associated with the Interdisciplinary Research Unit on Memory of Saint-Joseph University (UIRM), and directs the Culture program of the Lebanese association Arcenciel. She founded Al Ayn publishing house, specializing in the cultural and architectural heritage of Lebanon and the Middle East. Author of numerous books, including several on Beirut, her photographs have been the subject of numerous exhibitions in Lebanon, France and Belgium. Houda joined BHI as the main coordinator.

Yasmine Dagher

Docu-Comm Manager

Yasmine is an architect based in Beirut. The love she carries for Beirut, and its architecture, pushed her to deepen and develop her knowledge with a master degree from ALBA, revolving around Heritage Preservation and City Development. She was one of the first members to have joined the BHI Team as a volunteer. Her role in BHI has first been to coordinate with the owners, consultants and contractors on the ground, in order to cover the roofs of the heritage buildings appointed to BHI. Recently, she has been taking charge of the documentation, archiving & communication process of BHI projects. This tasks includes project research & project proposals for possible grants and funds application.

Yasmine El-Majzoub

Field Operations Manager

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut. Experiences gained from working with architecture offices in Beirut over the past years, helped her identify and pursue her interest in heritage preservation, sustainable and participatory design. Her growing interest and fascination with built heritage and vernacular architecture, led her to participate in restoration and conservation workshops in Italy and Morocco. Yasmine was fortunate to be involved with BHI from the start as a volunteer and currently manages its Field Operations team, coordinating with different stakeholders involved in executing the restoration projects.

Nadine Salloum

Financial Manager

Nadine holds a master’s degree in Finance from the Lebanese International University (LIU). In addition, she also holds a Certificate in Risk Management from École Supèrieure des Affaires (ESA). Nadine previously worked at BLCbank S.A.L from 2012 to 2020 as an Assistant Relationship Manager within the corporate banking group. Nadine is in charge of the financial affairs within BHI.

Mia Mouawad

Grants Officer, 3RF Coordinator

Mia studied Political Science and International affairs with a minor in Economics in LAU. She went on to work at the Lebanese embassy in Paris, and then as a researcher in international relations. Her love of Beirut and its distinctive character took her back and she now serves as BHI's Grants Officer and 3RF Coordinator.

Youssef El-Kassar

Site coordinator

Youssef is a civil engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in Lebanon and the Gulf region. His expertise tackles project and contract management, as well as site responsibilities. His portfolio include projects such as “Souk Beirut” and “Le Grey Hotel” in Beirut. Youssef joined the BHI team early on as the Site Manager.

Justine Chalfoun


Justine holds a masters’ degree in Architecture, from the Lebanese University. She developed a passion for heritage preservation. During a journey filled with internships and collaborations, she discovered a passion for photography. Justine joined the BHI team as an architect-photographer.

Dia Mrad


Diais a Lebanese architect and photographer, based in Beirut, specialized in interiors and architecture photography. In his work, Dia was deeply invested in showing the beauty, charm, and symmetry of Lebanese architecture. After the explosion, he purposefully used the same frames and composition to show the tragic transformation of the architecture and the city.The striking photos were essential in showing the extent of the destruction and damage suffered in Beirut, as well as raising funds for the reconstruction. Dia joined the BHI team as a photographer.