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Beirut is lost without its Heritage, let’s preserve Beirut's Heritage Approximately 1,000 historical buildings damaged by the blast Support Beirut’s Heritage reconstruction Support our mission To save the built and cultural heritage Our history is part of our identity, we must preserve our heritage at all costs Socials


Who we are

BHI is an independent and inclusive collective, in favor of restoring the built and cultural heritage of Beirut.

our objectives

BHI’s objectives is to safeguard the tangible and intangible heritage of Beirut and to take part in the reconstruction of the capital.

Fill in a request

BHI is always ready to receive new requests from owners or tenants in need of help.

Ongoing projects


Our initiative is founded exclusively by people who want to contribute in rebuilding Beirut.


Your contribution will help create significant change to the urban heritage of Beirut. 

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We are always on the look out for people willing to offer their help in anyway possible.

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You can pick one of the valuable items and contribute to our initiative with every purchase.

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We Must Speak to Be Heard

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